Girls are beautiful, but girls also very vulnerable.


In most of the cultures, girls are second after men.. It is a fact which is still valid for a lot of countries. In third world countries women have to work harder and have to have a lot of perseverance to built something for themselves, so that they can keep the control of their own life. This is one of the most important reasons why Henny Smulders founded Girls Empowerment Foundation. Henny was born in The Hague just after the war. Her parents had no money to send her to University, so she had to go and work for her living. Henny wanted more out of life and had more than average talent and a very strong willpower. She worked very hard and became a top business women. She did this by studying in the evenings, courses and not letting herselve being intimidated by the men in her environment.


When she became older and retired, she realised that there are a lot of girls and women who are talented but do not get the same opportunities as she got. Who live in countries and area’s where they have to listen to other people School in Keniaand cannot explore their own talents. They do not have education, money or safety.


Girls Empowerment Foundation want to help girls in third world countries to develop themselves. It is therefore very important to give them a safe environment and a proper education. The goal is to help them become strong, independent, clever ladies who can get on with their lives, a little bit like Henny was.


With this goal girls stay beautiful and they become less vulnerable.

They can give the right example for their own children and so the journey into the future starts.

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Girls Empowerment Foundation tries to optimisme the development of girls in the developing countries through education.

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