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Our foundation is founded in 2006 by Henny Smulders. She was already then involved with the building and rebuilding of the Bishop Kalu School.
In 2009 she died in the age of 67 years. After that the foundation was run by Ivon Rotteveel, Edwin Jansen and Esther Jansen, who decided to build an orphanage in Kwale in 2011.
We started with 16 girls and at this moment, we have already 80 girls who we take care of. Together with the 450 boys and girls from the Bishop Kalu School we are supporting over 500 children with education.
Our goals for the future are to build a private school and develop our activities in Kenya. We want to sponsor self supporting activities.  Create businesses run by the girls who left the orphanage with a professional education.



What we want to complete

Number of girls we give shelter — 100%
Number of girls go to primary school — 69%
Number of girls go to secondary school — 25%
Number of girls go to polytecnical school — 6%
Funds to build private school — 10%

Wie zijn er betrokken bij Girls Empowerment Foundation

Henny’s Childen’s Home (HCH)

Judith WairimuManager HCH

Judith is responsible for contacts with school and government on behalf of Henny’s Children’s Home

Caroline MithamohMatron HCH

Caroline is in charge of the daily managment of Henny’s Children’s Home

Lilian KimaniSocial worker HCH

Lilian takes care of the (mental) well-being of all girls of Henny’s Children’s Home

Henny’s Academy (HA)

Mr. MungaHeadteacher HA

Munga is ultimately responsible for Henny’s Academy. He manages the teaching team and supporting staff.

Md. RuthManagement Assistant HA

Ruth is responsible for both student- and financial administration.

Advisory Board Kenia

Mr. Deepakh Varia – Bouwtechnische zaken

Ms. Serah Mukami – Financiële en algemene zaken

Mr. Joshua Ndere – Juridische zaken

We cannot do without the support of:

Please help us and the girils, donating one time will be fine!
For € 600 a year you provide one girl with:
shelter, food and EDUCATION
But also a small amount will help these orphan girls have a better future
Please help us, donate now!

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Girls Empowerment Foundation tries to optimisme the development of girls in the developing countries through education.

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