Organisation and governance


The management of the Girls Empowerment Foundation is responsible to set the goals, make a budget and control the way things go.
There a 3 managers who are the management of the Girls Empowerment Foundation;  Ivon Rotteveel, Edwin Jansen en Esther Jansen.
The management works on a voluntary basis without payments for the work they are doing.
The managers in Kenya are volunteers too, they do not get any payment. Together with them we set our goals and targets.  The ladies who work in our projects at a daily base, they get a normal salary for their work.

 Ivon en Edwin tussen de vrijwilligers in Henny's Childrens Home


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Help us, donate one time an amount for our orphan girls
for € 500 a year you give them:
housing, food, clothes and EDUCATION
Donate on NL73 ABNA 0616 1382 02

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Girls Empowerment Foundation tries to optimisme the development of girls in the developing countries through education.

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