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Girls Empowerment foundation


Girls have the future! They can make the difference for their own world. When they finish their (professional) education they can create their own well being and with that the future of their children and grandchildren.

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Education liberates! And it will give everybody a future. Good education helps children to be aware of the past, the present en the future. They learn what their possibilities are in live. And they learn to make thoughtful choices. 

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A safe place to live is what every human being wishes for. For most of us it’s obvious. For the orphan girls we support it is not. We give them a safe place where they can shelter, get healthy food and where they will always be welcomed with love.

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Help us, donate one time an amount for our orphan girls
for € 500  a year you give them:
housing, food, clothes and EDUCATION
Donate on NL73 ABNA 0616 1382 02

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Girls Empowerment Foundation tries to optimisme the development of girls in the developing countries through education.

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